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Palisade Guardian

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Palisade Guardian



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Defend against the incoming German Nazis in this exciting WWII defense game! One of the most intense flash gaming experiences of 2009!

  • 6 exciting authentic WWII weapons to buy! Including an M1A1 Thompson, M1 Browning, and even a Bazooka!
  • 35 levels of intense action!
  • High quality graphics, sound effects, and music!

Kill the Nazis and don't let them destroy the wall! If they destroy the wall, you lose the game!


  • Fire - LEFT MOUSE
  • Zoom Down Sight - SPACEBAR
  • Reload - R, or click when out of ammo
  • Switch Weapon - Arrow keys DOWN or UP


  • Aim down your sight, it greatly improves accuracy! Don't just spray and pray! The better your accuracy, the more money you'll get at the end of each level to spend on new weapons!
  • Use short bursts, don't just hold down the trigger forever! For every automatic weapon, the accuracy rapidly degrades if you just hold down the trigger forever. Try firing 3-6 shots at a time.
  • Try to get HEADSHOTS! For each headshot, you get $20 extra dollars to spend on buying new guns!
  • Make sure you repair your wall! If your wall is destroyed, the game is over.