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Crush the Castle is one of the most highly rated demolition games made in flash.  It has enjoyed tens of millions of plays all over the web and last year gave rise to Crush the Castle 2, which enjoyed similar succes.  While both games are a lot of fun I think of them as succeeding in different ways.  Crush the Castle 1 seemed to be more of a challenge, with certain levels providing a serious struggle.  Crush the Castle 2 in comparison seems a bit easier.  In some ways this leads to less frustration since occasionally you would randomly get a hit in Crush the Castle 1 that would create a protective cage around one of the targets and you would have to restart the level.  Crush the Castle 2 also has achievements and the option of trying to get a gold medal on every level, but I think just finishing Crush the Castle 1 is harder than getting all golds on Crush the Castle 2.  Crush the Castle 2 brought in a lot of new artillery types, all having neat effects that bring a lot to the game.  With a game in this successfull series being release each year I expect the third Crush the Castle to be released some time this year.

Like Crush the Castle the objective of Sieger is to destroy structures killing your enemies.  Sieger is a little more about strategy and a little less about cordination since the projectile you fire comes from you and hits exactly where you click.  In Sieger building parts fragment on impact and collapse in interesting ways.  Sieger is a fun demolition game and holds it's own against other good games.

Demolition City is another cool game with one major difference.  Your objective doesn't involve burying your enemies in a bloody pile of rubble.  But can a game be fun that doesn't end in pancaking those that oppose you in a mass slaughter?  I was skeptical at first but in the end this game won me over.  Demolition city involves taking down buildings using explosives placed wherever you choose.  Set your charges and blow them up, and hope the building falls below a target line.

All these games can be played here by clicking on these links:

Crush the Castle

Crush the Castle 2


Demolition City