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The role of 3D in the future of ad supported online games

There's a lot of talk that goes on about future web based game technologies, with people speculating about a variety of technologies threatening the dominance of flash.  These technologies include the Unity web player, WebGL, and HTML 5 Canvas.  The focus of this article is on ad-supported browser-based games, like those found here at

Crush the Castle and Other Demolition Games

Popular platformers

It seems like a lot of successful platformers have been coming out recently.  Endeavor, Insidia, and K.O.L.M all came out this december and have recieved good ratings.  I especially enjoyed Endeavor, and hope to see more cool games like these in the future.

Flight game

A popular new game is out, Flight.  It immediately reminded me of Learn to Fly and has the same addictive gameplay features.  Flight is a gliding game in which you make improvements to your paper aiplane to get it to fly as far as possible.