Warlords: Heroes

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Warlords: Heroes

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Warlords: Heroes



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"Warlords: Heroes" is a game based on the Achilles engine, keeping the flowing satisfying feel, combined with the diversity of the characters and unit from "Warlords: Call to Arms"


  • 3 Main characters each with their own story, weaponary and fighting styles
  • Ability to upgrade your character by buying extra fighting moves, armour, magic items.
  • Ability to hire henchmen to assist you in battle, also occasionally friendly units will tag along to help.
  • 7 Bosses including the Giant Troll from Warlords: CtoA
  • Choose your own route accross the land to your quest destinations, and therefore picking your enemies and difficulty
  • Unlockable Survival Mode
  • + More...